Sabah wants end to loophole allowing ‘bad hats’ to enter via Labuan

Sabah boss clergyman Hajiji Noor will demand for a report from the migration division on the absence of keeps an eye on vessels coming from Labuan into the state.

Hajiji said he knew about grievances from general society on why this was going on and how it had been permitted to go unchecked for such a long time.

He added that when individuals showed up in Labuan from the promontory or somewhere else, they would be screened by the movement specialists, however this was not the situation when they approached Sabah from the island.

“There are demands from individuals that those coming into Sabah (from Labuan) should likewise go through a similar migration checks,” he told columnists after an occasion here today.

“We will concentrate on the matter since this has been the standard practice this time.”

Hajiji said the state would settle on the following game-plan subsequent to getting the report from the migration office.

Sabah and Sarawak issues serve Maximus Ongkili had recently said unwanted components were slipping into Sabah by means of Labuan as there were no checks at the two primary ports in the state.

The PBS president said there were no movement minds travelers, ships or ocean vessels showing up at the Menumbok port, which is close to Labuan, or at the Kota Kinabalu ship terminal here.

These are the two fundamental section focuses into Sabah from Labuan.

“This is a significant escape clause (in requirement). This has prompted the free section of bothersome components, including needed hoodlums, utilizing this course to get away from the law,” he said.

This government strategy and unwinding of movement rules had made the state fail to keep a grip on its freedoms, he added.

Ongkili said non-Sabahans were likewise manhandling the proviso by outstaying or unlawfully working in the state, in negation of movement law and rules under the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63).

Labuan was pronounced a bureaucratic region in April 1984 after it was given over to the central government by the Sabah government drove by then boss clergyman Harris Salleh.

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