Liquor licences for coffee shops in line with global standards, says govt

The money service has guarded the implementation of alcohol licenses in cafés that sell lager as being “in accordance with worldwide guidelines”.

Reacting to a valuable inquiry from Nga Kor Ming (PH-Teluk Intan) in the Dewan Rakyat, representative money serve Mohd Shahar Abdullah said the move was not one of a kind to Malaysia.

“This isn’t only a training in Malaysia, but at the same time is done in different nations, remembering for our neighbors,” he said. “We are following the World Health Organization (WHO) show.”

Nga had asked the service on the reasoning for upholding organizations to acquire a permit to sell brew and bold when cafés were all the while attempting to recuperate from the monetary effect of the pandemic.

“Beginning one month from now, the traditions division needs to execute an old guideline utilizing another approach on all cafés selling lager, where they should apply for a permit. Thus, the number of licenses should another café apply and pay for?” he inquired.

He said that with each permit costing RM1,340, this would mean extra expenses being passed down to clients and intensifying the current issue of exorbitant costs.

“For what reason is the public authority troubling the rakyat with additional organization?” he inquired.

It had been accounted for before that beginning one year from now, coffeehouses and cafés should apply for an alcohol permit assuming they need to keep selling lager in their premises.

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