Allow those in DG48 and above to hold office, says ex-NUTP chief

The public authority ought not stop educators in the DG48 grade or more from holding office in the National Union of the Teaching Profession (NUTP) as the arrangement is old, says a previous association president.

Kamarozaman Abd Razak said the Trade Unions Act 1959, which restricts such arrangements, is obsolete and should be altered in accordance with evolving times.

In the showing calling, graduate educators get going in the DG41 scale and arrive at the most elevated grade of DG54 throughout some stretch of time as the advancements are time sensitive.

This leads them to higher positions quicker than those in different administrations of the governmen
The issue of instructors in DG48 or more not being permitted to hold office is a longstanding issue and the matter has not been tended to by the public authority beginning around 1959.

“Most different demonstrations have been corrected while the Trade Unions Act 1959 has stayed unaltered,” Kamarozaman told FMT.

He said the public authority expected to correct this demonstration quickly to permit the impacted instructors to keep holding the posts.

Notwithstanding, he added, those over the DG54 pay scale, who are delegated Jusa officials (premium positions), ought not be permitted to proceed in the association as they are as of now in dynamic jobs.

Portraying his own insight, Kamarozaman said he dealt with issues while holding the post of the NUTP president when he was in the DG48 class a couple of years back.

“I was working with the area training office then, at that point. The Public Service Department (JPA) and the Department of Trade Union Affairs demanded that I, and a couple of different authorities, ought to leave our association posts.

“Yet, we met the central secretary to the public authority and JPA who permitted us to keep standing firm on the footings until the following political race was held last year,” he said.

Kamarozaman added that the main secretary had the power to permit those in grades DG48 to DG54 (to stay in the association) by giving letters separately upon offer.

“I additionally ask MPs to push the public authority to correct the obsolete demonstration promptly to protect the government assistance of laborers, as per Protocol 29 of the International Labor Organization.”

Prior, FMT had announced that the majority of the NUTP office-carriers at the public level were in the DG48 scale or more.

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